Online SDQ Scoring: Digital App for Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)

Online SDQ App for CAMHS, Schools, Local Authority Provisions

The PTS Electronic Version of the SDQ Suite has been developed with the permission and approval of Youth In Mind. The application allows a professional from CAMHS Service, SEN or Pastoral Department in a School Setting, Social Worker from Children’s Social Services, Youth Offending Team – to gather screening information using the web and cloud based Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) with ease.

The electronic SDQ App includes parent and teacher versions for age 4-17 and the child self-rated version from age 11-17. The Application allows a user to provide input via any smart handheld device or phone aside from laptops.  Data is interpreted using the 4 band interpretation grid as shown below.

Note – users require to purchase license from Youth in Mind and have to make payments per use to Youth in Mind separately.

SDQ image

The SDQ is a well established screening tool in CAMHS practices. It has been researched widely and one of the best measures around that has lasted the test of time. Combined with RCADS or Vanderbilt / SNAP ADHD tools we believe it offers value for money by providing rich in clinical information at less than a third of the costs associated with Conners ADHD questionnaires or similar.