Web / cloud based Electronic CYP and CAMHS IAPT Outcome Measures

Patient Tracking System (PTS) offers several Digital solutions for Patient-Rated Outcome Measures (PROMS):

The below mentioned CYP and Adult IAPT Routine Outcomes are administered electronically in session or remotely between appointments. Scores and graphs are generated automatically in an instant saving 5-30 minutes of clinician time depending on the type of rating scale used by the service user.

  • Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) – Users need to acquire a license from Youth in Mind, includes follow-up version/s as well.
  • Revised Children’s Anxiety and Depression Scale (RCADS)
  • PHQ 9 and GAD 7
  • Likert Scale for tracking Goals or symptom severity (users must procure license from NHS Digital if using in line with Goal Based Outcome Measures)
  • Session Rating (license should be procured by users from NHS digital).
  • International Personality Disorders Examination Screening Questionnaire
  • Electronic version of Eating Disorders Examination Screening Questionnaire (digital EDE-Q)
  • The Adult Self Report Scale (ASRS) for ADHD
  • Vanderbilt ADHD parent and teacher questionnaire (includes follow-up versions as well) .
  • Vanderbilt ADHD side-effects questionnaire (can be easily mapped to SNAP ADHD interpretation).
  • Wender Utah ADHD questionnaire for Adults

ROMS updated

The application also offers several Clinician Rated Outcome Measures as well Clinical Scales (CROMS):

  • Clinician-Rated Tools – GAF | CGAS | BPRS | YMRS | MMSE