Online-Digital ADHD rating scales and questionnaires suite for professionals

If you are a psychiatrist, paediatrician, ADHD nurse practitioner, psychologist specialising in neurodevelopmental disorders or a teacher/ SEN looking for a secure application that allows you to get parent, teachers and self rating responses remotely to standard Online-Digital ADHD rating scales – you are on the right page.

Around 2014 having been an NHS consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist I ventured into private work part time. ADHD assessments has been a large chunk of my work. I was soon found myself paying close a thousand pounds a year on highly commercialised ADHD rating scales and questionnaires. Each costing £3.00 at the start, in few years the price was close to £4 per form or at the least around £12 per case. Inevitably the overheads get passed on to the patient/s. Discomforted by this we embarked on our journey of digitising the free to use ADHD rating scales and questionnaires that may be used in clinical practice in CAMHS and Adult ADHD services – NHS or private.

The Vanderbilt suite of ADHD questionnaires is comprehensive and validated for age 6-12. It mirrors to core criteria of ADHD in ICD or DSM. It is similar to SNAP IV that is validated for up the age of 18. We have hence included the SNAP interpretation in our automated results as well.

Online vanderbilt ADHD rating questionnaire suite

We then progressed to ensuring we have the right tools for screening older adolescents as well as Adults undergoing ADHD assessments. The commonly used screening questionnaires endorsed by the Good Practice Guidelines of the Royal College of Psychiatrists that help as diagnostic aids are the Wender Utah, WHO ASRS rating scale and WHO DAS 2 disability ratings as well. We have the free to use diagnostic aids covered for you.

Digital Adult ADHD rating / screening tools

Save time & Money with Digital ADHD rating scales

The patient tracker is a secure cloud driven HIPPA and GDPR compliant cloud application that can make your practice more efficient. Simply send secure links to the appropriate Online-Digital ADHD rating scales and questionnaires to the patient/s and they can submit their responses securely from the comfort of their homes before the meeting. Below are a few advantages that hopefully invite your trying the Application.

No more pen-paper exercises.

Say goodbye to hand scoring errors and excel spreadsheets.

Imagine having all the data at your fingertips with responses rated and interpreted for you the very instance the data is submitted by the patient/s.

Enrich your reports by adding screenshots of the summarised findings/graphs and make them meaningful for the patients.

Improve clinical governance of your practice and make it safer as well as add value to the clinical work you do.

Make your practice safer – we have created a remotely administered side-effects monitoring form that patients can send at regular intervals including their pulse, BP, height and weight.

We believe we have a tool that is the perfect aid to anyone involved neurodevelopmental work or involved in pastorally supporting school children in the capacity as a SENCo – read more here about the digital SEN toolkit

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