Digital App: Eating Disorder’s Examination Questionnaire (EDE-Q)

Online EDE-Q

The EDE-Q is one of the most commonly used tools in screening and assessment of Eating Disorder. It is quite helpful to repeat it periodically to track progress of the cognition’s during the course of FBT or CBT-E.

With permission from Prof Chris Fairburn we have progressed to develop and include the EDE-Q in the suit of outcome measures and clinical scales. This allows a clinician to administer the 28 questions screening questionnaire on any smart device. The responses can also be submitted before or between appointments remotely from home by patient/s.

Once the responses are submitted, the back-end of the App uses its automated scoring logic to instantly score the ratings as per sub-domains. Significantly, we can acquire multiple responses at different times and get the scores superimposed for comparison. Further, the scores are categorised as per norms developed by White et al (2014) for adolescent girls and boys. An example is shown below using test data.

Screenshot (209)

Combined with our paediatric growth charts we have the most vital and important clinical aids available for anyone working with young people with eating disorder, or low body weight due to medication conditions. Furthermore we also offer head circumference and paediatric BP percentile calculators as part of one electronic health records suite at the most cost effective rates possible.

We believe we have added value over and above the App out there for the fact that none record and store data longitudinally – for instance with the Marsipan App you get a cross sectional inference which then is lost other than capturing it in progress notes or clinic letters.