Digital RCADS / Online Scoring of Revised Children’s Anxiety and Depression Scale

Use of RCADS in Children and Adolescents

The PTS Outcome Measures Application has permission of the RCADS author/s to develop an electronic interface for administering the RCADS. We have developed both the parent and child versions that allows child/parent to provide their responses electronically. Scores are calculated automatically, instantly and presented graphically. Use of the RCADS questionnaire during treatment can help track clinical improvements and progress as shown below. Graphs are interactive and shown date wise or together for ease of comparison.


The RCADS is a versatile questionnaire that can aid the diagnostic process as well as track clinical progress. We find a number of clinicians deter from using measures or are unable to do so in a meaningful manner if tools are used using pen-paper. There is a significant cost attached in terms of stationary, mailing and scanning PDF’s as well as time lost in hand scoring or using and storing spreadsheets.

Terms of use for all our Outcome measures are simple – there is no charge levied for use of any measures by us. The clinicians are expected to use them in keeping with the licenses published by copyright holders, in the case of RCADS, no charges should be incurred patients or service users. As providers of an electronic platform that speeds up use of outcome measures we may charge as appropriate for access to the service, this includes development, maintenance of the application and covering fees for third party facilities such as domain names, server hosts, data storage security and the like. Having said we can offer free use to individual practitioners, visit the signup page to get started