About Patient Tracker EHR Application

What is PTS ?

Patient Tracking System (PTS) is a cloud-based patient and practice management application software or an Electronic Health Record (EHR) for all health providers. It is especially suited to mental and behavioural health settings due to a comprehensive suite of diagnostic ratings scales and outcome measure questionnaires. PTS is perfect for Individual, small team or large organisations to maintain medical records relating to all patient activity securely. The application can be accessed from any device/platform and is user friendly.

History of PTS Application

There is a story behind a story! The practice management software has been developed by Dr Adhiraj Joglekar, C&A Psychiatrist, who designed and conceptualised the application. The USP being – by the Clinician for the Clinicians. Given this, the user interface is intuitive, simple and user friendly. The initial aim of the Application was to create an efficient outcome measure tool for use within Mental Health Settings – more on this read here.

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The outcomes module does not require a clinician to add any patient identifiable data other than creating a unique ID that you can associate with a given patient. Gender and DoB may be required for the accurate calculation of scores on some measures. We can also offer a free 30 day trial with our other modules listed below.

Products available

PTS – Appointments module – register patients, book appointments and get notifications and reminders sent automatically to them.

PTS Electronic Health Records – A complete solution that covers the entire workflow or referral pathway from registration to discharge – More on the features available here.

PTS CAMHS and IAPT Outcome Measures App – a robust comprehensive suite of measures, now in use for over 7 years – find out more here


Update on PTS practice management application software for mental and behavioural health:

The PTS practice management Application for mental and behavioural health is now hosted in a HIPPA compliant environment on AWS (arguably the best server providers). Currently we are hosted in the London region to ensure GDPR compliance. For clinic’s with more than 10 clinicians, we recommend opening a sub-account in the region of your choice. This means paying one-off setup fees and then a much-reduced license fee per user while paying the actual AWS charges billed directly to you based on the level of your usage. You are unlikely to find a more cost-effective EHR out there.

We have automated the subscription process, to trial the application free for 30 days please contact us.

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PTS is has come about through collaboration between clinicians in the UK/India and IT experts spread across both countries. One of our goals is to improve access to high-quality Electronic Health Care Records (EHR) to developing Nations in the most cost-effective manner possible without compromising on security standards. More on this project here