Digital Goal Based tracking In therapy.

Tracking Goals and symptoms using PTS a Cloud based outcome measures application

Goals and setting them in therapy is a common practice that has been used for decades. It comes to humans naturally and during treatment a therapist and patient may agree to aims and objectives. Tracking these in sessions or between sessions is helpful to maintain focus but can become difficult if done as a paper-pen exercise.

I often like most therapists check on a scale of 0-10 what a person rated their mood as? I check this in subsequent meetings but it is quite hard to track what their baseline was with paper notes. We use the age old simple Likert scale in its digital form to allow various variables to be tracked meaningfully. The tool is rather handy when doing DBT informed therapy, keeping track of skills and competency and their use, essentially the tool offers a clinician an option to adapt and create a digital version of the DBT diary!

The PTS Outcome Measures Application offers a web-based electronic interface to make the above easy and meaningful. The video below demonstrates how the App can be used for – quick patient registration and goal setting.