Advantages of Digital patient-rated outcomes

CAMHS Digital patient-rated outcomes App

For a while now it has been acknowledged that mental health services could improve by regular use of meaningful outcome measures. However, often their use in the NHS or other health settings is limited. The reasons are many, from clinician resistance to a lack of effective and efficient Digital patient-rated outcomes tools. 

Currently, many services may continue to use paper-pen methods, data then have to be manually input onto the electronic health record by a data entry clerk or an Honorary Assistant Psychologist. Most services in addition have to use Excel Spreadsheets as their Electronic Record System fails to provide meaningful data and interpretation of the patient responses. That’s a lot of expense in terms of man-hours, salary on staff, paper-pen, time, and importantly the old clunky ways limit our ability to use outcome measures to inform evidence-based care as well as Research & Development.

The above system is unwieldy. If you are a CAMHS professional you would want SDQ, RCADS, PHQ, GAD, Session Rating, EDE-Q, Goals related patient data and their outcomes available at the click of a mouse or tap on a smart device. You would want to be able to acquire this data with ease. The advantages of using Digital patient-rated outcomes outweigh likely limitations as discussed here

The Patient Tracking System offers the following features:

  • Go Paperless
  • Secure SSL encrypted data transfer
  • Cloud / web-based
  • Accessed via any smart device or PC/Mac
  • Collect data in-session during the appointment or waiting area
  • Collect CAMHS Outcome data remotely – send the patient a link to specific outcome measures and receive data securely. Patients can complete forms online from the comforts of their home at a time that suits them.
  • Collect data as many times as appropriate.
  • Automated Scoring and Interpretation – as soon as the responses hit the database, the application does all the hard work and in seconds calculates scores across domains/sub-domains and generates graphs instantly.
  • Reporting –  we have added an ability to pull all data across hundreds of patients at a click to an Excel sheet allowing audits, Quality Improvement Projects and Service monitoring and improvements to be progressed speedily.

Want to know more or wish to try it out, send us a query via the contact form.

Digital patient rated outcomes
Advantages of digital patient-rated outcome measures