Digital Patient Rated Outcomes App – FAQ

As the number of clinical users of the Patient Tracker App grow, we have had a steady stream of questions, here’s some asked commonly.

Is my data secure? We are happy to confirm that we use SSL certificates to encrypt data in transit. Once it hits our database, our application encrypts the data at rest, field by field and we don’t store our encryption tokens on the same server. Our team or anyone else cannot read your patient data.

Do you share data with third parties? We do not share your personal details as a clinician user with anyone unless this was needed to ensure smooth working of the application in conjunction with our partner agencies (such as server providers). We process your payment via Paypal and do not store your bank details on our application. We take patient confidentiality seriously and will never share their data with any third parties. As we use database level encryption, without legitimate cause, right credentials and permissions no one can read your data (including our team).

Can I use the digital patient outcomes app with my NHS patients? We cannot determine who your client group is, this is for you to decide. You may minimise or avoid patient identifiable information if your employer policy requires this, for instance, if your NHS IT system such as RiO or EMIS creates a patient ID, rather than first and second name, use this when registering a patient on our application. Gender may be needed for some rating tools to be interpreted correctly. Similarly, DoB is needed for calculating height, weight and BMI percentiles (you may add an approximate date if you wish, e.g. instead of 13/05/2005, you may add 11/05/2005 so the age calculated is off by only couple of days) and percentile calculations are still close to accurate.

Can patient tracker be integrated with RiO or other NHS systems? We would be open to such collaboration. We are aware that some providers have partner programs that will consider such integration provided the third party product has been used by one of their NHS Trusts for 6 months.

Can you enable save as PDF on my account? Yes, a print to PDF options is provided via History tab for each outcome measure. Alternatively, use the Snip tool (Windows) or CMD+Shift+4 (on Mac) to screenshot results and insert them in your clinical reports/save and upload to RiO/EMIS or similar.

I copied the link to a questionnaire and sent it to the patient but they said it was inactive? It is vital to follow these steps to activate the link: Choose the Outcome Measure > SEND > Generate Link > copy the link from the In/Out tracking tab. Without clicking Generate the the links do not get activated.

Is data backed up? We can offer this at extra cost and would be happy to discuss this need as well as any additional server end/security configurations over and beyond what we offer.

Can patient tracker be used by teams? We have designed needs of individual independent practitioners, small group practices as well as multi-site larger organisations. The application can cater for this level of complexity with relative ease, some staff training is recommended and you may have to pay for this separately depending on the size of the demand.

Can we add our own outcome measures? For reasons of security and integrity, as well as reliability of the application you would not be allowed to do so. However, if you have a questionnaire, and have the rights/license that permits us to create a digital interface we can provide this service at cost. Please contact us to via the link below.

Can you guarantee data is not lost and all calculations are 100% accurate? If you ask this to a provider as big as Google or Amazon, they will categorically state in their terms that they would not be held responsible. Our terms are no different. We have done our utmost to ensure accuracy and reliability but systems like RiO and EMIS with millions of pounds expense fail with some regularity.

What is the fair use policy? Our charges are nominal, they hardly start to recover any cost of investment we have made as a team since 2015-16. At just £7.00 per month per clinician plus VAT we would expect you to use the App for approximately 100 patients (spread across a year), as multiple questionnaires may be used per patient, in terms of number of forms used, we would hope you can keep to 300-400 spread evenly across the year. If you are a heavy user, a multi-site, corporate or NHS Trust, it is fair you contribute significantly more, please discuss this with us.

Why do you charge for free to use tools? We do not charge for the measures but for the intellectual property we have created that saves you significant sums of money. A typical CAMHS / Mental Health assessment involves paper-pen questionnaires, printed, posted, hand scored or done so with excel sheets, originals scanned, uploaded and cash spent on privately contracted confidential shredding services. Consider cost of data entry clerks, Assistant Psychologist, clinical hours lost? Once this is appreciated, we hope you are able to respect our need to charge you for the service rendered and share the yearly costs of maintaining a server, a strong 2048 AES SSL encryption certificate, domains, and data storage. Where possible we may offer the service for free or at a discount at our discretion to individual practitioners.

Are you GDPR complaint? We abide by the principles in line with our duties as a data processor (we are not required to but but Synergy Healthcare Services is registered with the ICO). As a data controller you may be obligated to register with the ICO. We aspire to serve across borders and follow good practice guidance on data protection as it applies to our users across countries.

Please do read our Privacy and Legal notice here.

We would be happy to take more questions, we welcome suggestions and collaboration, please get in touch via our contact page.