Digital IPDE-SQ: International Personality Disorders Screening Questionnaire

Online IPDE-SQ to aid assessment of  Personality Disorder Traits

One of the difficult aspects of an mental health assessment is to consider accompanying personality traits and how these may influence the presenting issues. Often Axis II diagnosis is referred to loosely, the documentation lacking robust evidence to back up formulations. This results in patients not being formally informed about how personal traits may influence their problems and at times treatment progress/prognosis.

One of the barriers to progressing more detailed personality traits assessments/ is the time involved, a simple paper pen exercise using the International Personality Disorders Screening Questionnaire with its 59 questions and scoring them can take 15-20 minutes, never mind the costs of paper, printer ink and secretarial time.

The PTS digital outcomes and clinical scales suit has developed a cloud/web based interface to use many questionnaires including the IPDE. Responses can be acquired during the appointment or remotely and scoring is automated providing the results immediately as seen below.