Free Patient Rated Outcomes App trial

Individual users may sign up for a free trial, we currently offer this for 30 days. The conditions outlined below would apply. Group users, please drop a line.

We have automated the subscription process, to trial the application free for 30 days please contact us.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Individual and group use only by a recognised professional in clinical practice. A charge of £7.00 per month per clinician plus VAT may apply after the trial period. You may pay via an automated system or BACS. We may offer an extended trial at our discretion – please email us for payment instructions or extension requests.
  • The nominal charges support our hosting costs, innovation and further improvements. We are not an out and out commercial venture. Fair use policy applies and we will notify users if we feel their use justifies paying higher fees. Fees are reviewed yearly where appropriate.
  • Fair use typically will amount to use of the application for up to 100 patients in 12 month period or 8-10 patients per month. It is assumed that each individual case may require use of 4-6 questionnaires, these may be repeated again during their care episode.
  • Considering it can take significantly greater time & money to send pen-paper questionnaires, collate information and add them to excel sheets or hand score them individually, we believe for any private practitioner the fees outlined above are nominal and cost-effective.
  • We expect that no patient is made to pay for these services. The tools are in that sense meant for non-commercial use only.
  • No patient identifiable information is needed at the time of registering them. Initials or your own unique patient identifier number will suffice.
  • Gender is required as interpretation of some scales differs as per gender.
  • Date of Birth may be required for some measures to work properly, this is more relevant to calculation of any weight, height centiles or similar tools.
  • Users must ensure they are authorised to use the outcome measures or have procured licenses where indicated, this in particular applies to use of SDQ.
  • We use Industry standard Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit AES SSL encryption for data in transit and our database has field level encryption at rest for added security.
  • However, we are not responsible for data loss or theft (read more about our limitations of liability, privacy and legal statement here). You will find our privacy and legal notice is not different to any similar product out there, be it a startup or a vendor as established as Google or Microsoft.
  • Though data is not deleted on active accounts, no back-up support is provided (these features would attract significantly higher costs if required), and users may wish to download graphs and scores as appropriate via screenshots or print to PDF.
  • We appreciate feedback and hope to add measures and make improvements but on-demand changes are offered only at cost, please contact us for quotations and collaboration.