Online ADHD rating scales in clinical practice

I have been working as an NHS Child Psychiatrist for over 12 years, in private work for six years. It was the latter that propelled me in to innovation. One of the key ones was to act on my vision of developing a cost-effective digital suite of diagnostic aids. No paper-pen questionnaires, no manual scoring, no email attachments, no uploading and no more waste of resources scanning!

Among the measures is a package of Online ADHD rating scales that supports me in my clinical practice. I can send out links to my patient’s, teachers and parents and they can complete the standardised ADHD questionnaires remotely from the comfort of their homes. Not only do we use SSL for encrypting data in transit, we have encrypted out database itself! Read on to find out more, click here to register and trial the application for free (first month).

Why spend nearly £15.00 per on Conners ADHD rating scales and forms when I can get the job done for almost FREE! The Patient Tracker suite includes a host of measures, some related to ADHD are –

  • Online Vanderbilt Parent ADHD Questionnaire
  • Online Follow up Vanderbilt Parent ADHD Questionnaire
  • Online Vanderbilt Teacher ADHD Questionnaire
  • Online Follow up Teacher Parent ADHD Questionnaire
  • Online Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire works as a great adjunct
  • Online ASRS WHO ADHD rating scale with Wender Utah for adults
  • Online International Personality Disorders Examination (IPDE) Screening tool can significant value as well in teasing out personality traits that overlap with ADHD
  • Online Revised Children’s Anxiety Depression Scale helps differentiate significant comorbidities and overlaps as well.

And all this could be availed off for as little as £50.00 per year, we only charge per clinician to help maintain her hosting charges and in keeping with the licenses and copyrights for instruments used, we do not charge pay per form or as per number of patients. In other words as long as you keep within our fair use policy, you could be using these tools for almost FREE! I say free in relative terms, my use of Conners is now highly selective and from spending nearly £500.00 per year on Conners alone, I can now use dozen odd tools for tenth of the price.

Example Parent Ratings and Automated Scoring of the Vanderbilt ADHD scale

The more clinician users the better as we would hope to improve what’s on offer, innovate and add more tools that add value to clinical practice.

NB: there is a paediatric digital growth charting app too, find out more here. And all this can be part of one EHR rather than separate Apps too.

Dr Adhiraj Joglekar, MRCPsych, UK