Patient Tracking System

PTS is a cloud based patient and practice management application / software that allows a Health Provider - individual, small team or a large organisation, to maintain medical records relating to all patient activity securely. The application can be accessed from any device / platform and is user friendly.

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The application covers all aspects of a natural workflow / care pathway

  • Designed by clinicians for clinicians
  • Customisable
  • Feature packed
  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Access from anywhere and any device
  • Appointments
  • Patient notes
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Letters
  • PROM (Online Patient Rated Outcomes)
  • Acquire digital signatures of service users on legal and statutory documents (consent to share / treatment / T&C / Therapeutic contracts)
  • Reporting – analyse outcome measures, activity data and carry out audits
  • Secure – SSL enabled & a server hosts and security plan of your choosing.
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About Patient Tracking System

The team behind PTS includes highly responsive group of developers and clinician/s with frontline experience.

Our History

The application came to fruition out of necessity. Dr Joglekar, Consultant Psychiatrist with experience of several years in championing the use of Electronic Records in NHS found it impossible to find a cost-effective and fit-for-purpose application to support independent practitioners.

The above need led to collaboration between Synergy Healthcare Services Ltd (UK) and Skynet.

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Product Features


PTS – Psychease

Psychease is a dedicated patient management and electronic health record application designed for use in Mental Health Services. It is suitable for use by Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Registered Mental Health Nurses, Psychotherapists, Systemic Therapists and allied professionals.

The application offers a whole host of features which a user may use flexibly. The features have been designed as independent modules and can be switched off to create a simple and minimalist application or one that covers all needs.

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The application delivers following features –

  • Patient registration ( admin team delivered or via public facing web portal for referrers )
  • Appointment booking system – allows choice of rooms / venues, book multiple patients & clinicians for joint meetings or groups
  • Appointment notifications by email to clinician and patient/s
  • Outcome Appointments – Attended / DNA / Cancellations / Re-scheduling
  • Reporting – Analyse activity and outcome measures data
  • Care Record features
  • Assessment template
  • Risk Assessment template
  • Consent to Share template
  • ICD10 diagnosis
  • Sessional Patient notes
  • Medication Management
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy
  • Alerts to record Allergies
  • Physical Examination module
  • Care Plans
  • Document uploads
  • Editable letter templates
  • Patient Rated Outcome measures that can be sent remotely and total and sub-scales calculated automatically!

Our Services


Bespoke Health Applications

PTS Psychease product in our view provides us a robust wireframe to modify and amend for use to create applications that can meet needs of any other medical / dental or allied specialities.

We can offer standalone applications to serve your needs i.e. if you only need an Appointments Management System, we can provide this. On the other hand, if you wished to simply use outcome measures module, we could provide this as well.

Public facing website

We can offer to develop as part of the package a mobile friendly website. The clinician / service may choose to create interactive platforms such as patient portal / forums.

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Bespoke API’s

As our product has been developed in modules that work seamlessly with one another, we can create API’s for any of the features with a view to integrating the feature with your existing products.

Looking for something else?

Simply drop us a line and we will be happy to look at the prospects of delivering on your needs.

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Our pricing depends on your individual needs –

  • Number of users
  • Number of features / modules you wish to use
  • Whether or not you wish to include inpatient medication, ECT modules
  • The choice of server and hosting provider
  • The security measures you choose with the server / hosting provider (data backup, server level firewall, text reminders, two step authentication, postcode finder)
  • We will typically provide you a break up, an example illustration is as under
    • Monthly per user charges e.g. £10.00 plus VAT per user based on modules chosen
    • Server costs depending on the above variables
    • Set up costs – onetime fee (or charged again if you moved hosting servers or changed domain names etc.)
    • Any bespoke requests such as adding custom forms / questionnaires – we will provide you with a quote based on an anticipated hourly rate and complexity of the brief
  • You are expected to pay separately for domain names, email plans if these are not included with your server plans
  • You would be responsible for paying us or renewing directly the subscriptions with third party providers as appropriate.
  • Based on the size of your subscription fee to us (not including third party payments) we will offer to set up for you a 4 to 6-page public facing website (dynamic and mobile friendly) at discounted rates.
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We are delighted to offer any individual users in independent work use of the outcome measures absolutely free of cost. The outcome measures can be used in session on any device or remotely – the clinician sends the patient a web link allowing them to send responses back securely.

The users will be able to access a number of Patient Rated Outcome Measures (PROM) without charges as long as this is done so in keeping with copyright notices for the given measure. Where necessary we have incorporated measures with permission from authors (e.g. RCADS). Similarly, our Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) version is approved by YouthinMind and subject to user acquiring a licence to use the tool online.

We will be happy to add more measures, customise the PDF generated reports to include your branding – these do require a subscription to the application and is not available for free. Similarly, group practices and NHS or Local Authority providers should seek a trial but may use the outcome measures only on subscription to allow for branding and ensuring compliance with your organisations information governance requirements.

Please contact us for a quote dependent on your needs.



We would be delighted to offer you a trial on our test applications. The trial will be for a limited period and FREE. The terms and liabilities are as in our privacy / legal sections herein. We recommend users use pseudonyms and sham patient data and use their own email ID’s for the patients – this will allow you to check our appointment notifications, ability to use Patient Rated Outcome Measures, Sending out Statutory Documentations and letters to referrers and patients.

NOTE: not all features described herein are made available, however you may browse possibilities by gleaning over the User Guide for the PTS by clicking here -

Request a Skype Demonstration

We would be happy to schedule a Skype Conference Call to go over the application and its possibilities with you.
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We would be delighted to respond to your enquiries, please feel free to drop us a line using the contact
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